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Some comments from parents

The text was the right size for my daughter and the spaces in between the paragraphs was a breath of fresh air.

I liked the layout of the story. The introduction was a nice surprise and added to the overall pleasure of reading the story.

Before reading the story I explained to my daughter that there would be questions to answer at the end. This motivated her to read the story to the end. The text was familiar enough for her to succeed with, but challenging enough to make her take a step further in her reading.

Comments from teachers

How great! What nourishment it is to be in the company of such clearly written and well-illustrated stories!

These stories are so well edited and beautifully illustrated—a teacher's friend!

(A Head Teacher of English, Johannesburg)

My students are enjoying [Beowulf] very much. I am teaching in a Latin American country in a bilingual school and I must say the adaptation is excellent. Even some of my students’ parents are enjoying it along with the original version.

(Third Grade teacher)

I love the simplicity of these booklets. They sit open well, making classroom study easy. I also like the clear, white pages. Well done!

(Third Grade teacher, Melbourne)