If you are interested in submitting a text for publication, please first read the following guidelines…

We are currently seeking short editions of classic works, whether edited, abridged or retold. The preference is for materials suitable for children, with a word limit of around 5,000 words for the 6-8 age group and 12,000 words for older readers.

Consideration is also being given to original works of similar length that embody themes and principles like those found in the classics.


Because all Books for Learning texts are digital only (and thus have few overhead costs), generous terms are offered to authors.

Contributing authors/editors are paid on a per-sale basis. Authors recieve a 50% share of net sales income and are paid quarterly (unless agreed otherwise).


Email submissions are preferred. If printed texts are sent, please only send a copy of the original, as we do not undertake to return submitted materials to the sender.

Please contact us initially via our Contact Form, and we will then send you our submissions email and/or postal address.