Books for Learning is a small publishing house operating out of Melbourne, Australia, specializing in short, printable ebooks on a range of topics—from classic literature for children to instructional texts for web designers.

It was established in 2006 by Ralph Mason, an experienced teacher and editor.

The Children's Classical Library

This site features The Children's Classical Library, a growing series of readers for children.

The aim for this series is to provide a comprehensive, readily accessible library of classic literary works prepared specifically for children. Access to the language, themes and insights of the greatest classics contributes to a rich education—a knowledge of the characters, events and motifs that have helped to shape the course of human consciousness. For adults there are the Everyman's Library, the Loeb Classical Library, Britannica's Great Books of the Western World and so on. The Children's Classical Library aims to be a similar treasury of the world's best—but annotated and edited, adapted or retold for children.

Books for Web Designers

Books for Learning also publishes ebooks on topics related to web design.