How to Buy

Purchases from Books for Learning can be made from each book's description page. Below you will find important information about this process. If you wish, you may jump to specific topics via the Page Links section to the right.

The purchase process

Buying online from Books for Learning is very simple. Payment is made by credit card through PayPal.

When you click Add to Cart—via each book's description page—you are taken to a shopping cart. At this point you can either Proceed to Checkout or return to the Books for Learning site (click Continue Shopping, or the browser's Return button) to select more titles. You can access the cart via the CART link on this site's main menu.

Clicking Proceed to Checkout from the shopping cart initiates the buying process. If you have a PayPal account you can enter your email address and password. Otherwise you will be given the option to set up a user account, including such details as your email address and credit card information. You can make a purchase without setting up such an account, but having a user account will speed up the buying process next time you make purchases via PayPal. Please make sure to keep a record of your password!

When payment is completed, PayPal will send you a receipt of purchase by email, which should arrive within moments of the sale. If you have purchased ebooks, you will also be directed to a page on the Books for Learning website where you will find ebook download links. These download links will also be sent to you via email. The downloads links will remain active for one week from the time of purchase. If, for any reason, you have difficulty with the downloading process, please contact us, and we will send your ebooks to you via email. (Please see the important note about email accounts below.)

Clear instructions are given at each stage of the buying process, and you can withdraw at any stage before you actually purchase the product. Δ

Downloading your ebooks

Once you have purchased ebooks via PayPal, you will be retuned to a page on this site from which you can download your ebooks. You will also receive the same download links via email. For details on how to save ebooks to your computer, please see the Downloading to your computer section on this site's Ebooks page. Δ

Your account statement

The names PAYPAL and BOOKSFORLEA will appear on your credit card statement when you make online purchases from Books for Learning. Δ

Currency and taxation

Prices are given in Australian Dollars (AUD). A rough conversion into several currencies is given below. For more up-to-date rates, click HERE.

One Australian dollar is approximately equivalent to:

  • 0.85 US Dollars (USD)
  • 0.42 UK Pounds (GBP)
  • 0.62 European Dollars (EUR)
  • 1.1 New Zealand Dollars (NZD)
  • 6 South Africa Rand (ZAR)
  • 34.5 India Rupees (INR)

No taxes currently apply to the ebooks sold through this site. Δ

Privacy and security

Books for Learning and PayPal are committed to protection your privacy and online security. For more information, please refer to our Privacy page. Δ


If you have any problem whatever with products from this site, please contact Books for Learning. Every effort will be made to resolve your difficulty. In the event that a problem cannot be resolved, a full refund can be arranged.

As stated in the Privacy page, Books for Learning places customer satisfaction as its highest priority, and will not rest until difficulties are fully dealt with. Δ

Your email account

If you do not receive emails from Books for Learning and PayPal shortly after making a purchase, check to see if your email program has filtered them as spam. (Online email services like Gmail are particularly watchful of emails from unfamiliar sources.) If your email account is set to block emails from strangers, you may not be able to receive these emails at all. Δ