The Secret Garden

The classic story by Frances Hodgson Burnett, adapted for children aged ten and above.

Mary Lennox starts out as a rich girl living in India. She is ignored by her parents and has only servants for company. She is a spoilt, nasty child, and nobody likes her. When her parents die of cholera, she is taken to England and the even stranger and lonelier world of Misselthwaite Manor.

It might seem that life could not be any worse for Mary; and yet it is here, amid the lonely moors of Yorkshire, that the Magic begins to happen. It is not a make-believe magic, but something quite real—the magic of a little bird, of a boy who has a deep connection with nature, and of a mysterious garden that has been locked for ten years.

Features of this edition:

  • adapted for children aged ten and above
  • an introduction
  • notes and comprehension questions
  • quiz questions

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53 pages | 13,830 words | File size: 600 KB

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