Doctor Dolittle

The classic story by Hugh Lofting, adapted for children aged 8 and above.

Doctor Dolittle is a very fine people-doctor. But he also loves animals, and when his house becomes too full of pets, nobody will come to see him any more. One day his parrot, Polynesia, convinces him to become an animal-doctor. The funny thing is, Doctor Dolittle can understand her! Soon he learns to talk to all of the animals, and they come from all over the world to see him.

The problem is, the animals cannot pay Doctor Dolittle, and he soon becomes very poor. What can he do? The animals want to help, and when the doctor is invited to the other side of the world, an exciting and dangerous adventure begins.

Features of this edition:

  • adapted for children aged 8 and above
  • an introduction
  • notes and comprehension questions

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Also available as a printed booklet.

Book Information

43 pages | 9770 words | File size: 590 KB

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