Chicken Licken

The classic story by Joseph Jacobs, retold for children aged six and above.

An acorn falls from a tree. It hits Chicken Licken on the head. ‘O no!’ she thinks. ‘The sky is falling!’ She runs to tell the king.

On the way she meets her friends, and they come with her too. But there is danger on the way. What will happen when Chicken Licken and her friends meet Foxy Loxy, who wants to eat them? Read this story to find out!

Lots of people have told the story of Chicken Licken. One of them was Joseph Jacobs, who told the story in his book English Fairy Tales. But he used a different name for the story.

Features of this edition:

  • retold for children aged six and above
  • an introduction
  • notes and comprehension questions
  • quiz questions

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Also available as a printed booklet.

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24 pages | 1000 words | File size: 680 KB

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