Margery Williams Bianco

Margery Williams Bianco lived from 1881 to 1944. She was born in England, but later settled in the United States. She was inspired to write stories for children by Walter de la Mare, a famous writer of poems and stories for children.

As a child she loved to read and write, and by the age of 19 she was writing books for a living. She wrote novels and short stories for adults and children. Her most famous book is The Velveteen Rabbit, which was published in 1922, but she also wrote other wonderful books for children such as The Little Wooden Doll, Poor Cecco and The Skin Horse. She is especially remembered for her stories about toys, which often come alive and get up to exciting adventures. Poor Cecco, for example, is a story about a wooden dog who, along with the other toys from a cupboard, goes on an adventure in search of a lost friend.

Works by Margery Williams Bianco

Currently available from Books for Learning is Bianco's famous story The Velveteen Rabbit, edited for children aged eight and above.

Her other works include:

  • The Little Wooden Doll
  • Poor Cecco
  • The Apple Tree
  • The Adventures of Andy
  • The Skin Horse
  • The Candlestick
  • Other People's Houses
  • The House that Grew Smaller