Jack and the Beanstalk Sample

This page features a sample of Jack and the Beanstalk, retold for children aged seven and above by Books for Learning.

There once was a boy called Jack who lived with his mother. Jack and his mother were very poor. All they owned in the world was a cow called Milky-White. Each day they milked the cow and sold the milk at the market. They got just enough1 money to buy a little food for themselves.

But Milky-White was getting old, and one day she could not make milk any more. Jack’s mother did not know what to do. ‘How will we live?’ she cried.

‘Don’t worry, mother!’ said Jack. ‘I will go and get a job!’

‘No, no, Jack,’ said his mother sadly. ‘You are much too young2.’

Jack’s mother sighed3. ‘We will just have to sell poor Milky-White,’ she said. ‘Then we will have some money for food.’

Jack’s mother was not well at all. So the next day, Jack said he would take Milky-White to the market. Jack’s mother patted Milky-White for the last time. She had tears in her eyes.

‘Sell her for a good price, Jack!’ said Jack’s mother. ‘She is worth at least five gold coins. Don’t sell her for less!’

‘Yes mother!’ said Jack, and he set off for the market.

  1. enough—sounds like ‘ee-nuff’.
  2. young—sounds like ‘yung’.
  3. sighed—sounds like ‘side’. A sigh is a long, sad breath.