Chicken Licken Sample

This page features a sample of Chicken Licken, retold for children aged six and above by Books for Learning.

Chicken Licken was a very honest1 bird. But she was not very clever. One day she was standing under a big oak2 tree, looking for seeds to eat, when an acorn3 hit her on the head.

‘What was that?’ she wondered. There was a big lump on her head.

She thought and thought about it. And her thoughts were a little bit like this:

‘What could fall from above? The sky is above. Is there anything else above? I can’t think of anything else. Then it must have been a bit of the sky that fell on my head…’

Chicken Licken did not think of the oak tree above her, and all its acorns, because she forgot to look.

  1. honest—this means she always tells the truth. Sounds like ‘on-est’.
  2. oak—sounds like ‘oke’.
  3. acorn—a nut that grows on an oak tree.